Stéphane Arcas from the Studio to the Stage

Irun XL & S Arcas

Vendredi gave us the pleasure of an improvised Arcas presentation. No notes but a conversation about how one ends up creating, directing and putting on theatre.

Arcas live and unplugged. He told us, how he chose between political science and art school, how possibilities and desire become drive the work. From fanzines and graphic novels, Stéphane ended up making videos, theatre sets and eventually everything else in between. Doubt isn’t something Stéphane fears, it’s a tool that opens doors, creating new possibilities and feeding desire. 

While the theatre has allowed Arcas to play out his doubts and letting actors take them in new directions. As a director he said, you can’t express doubt in a theatre as it becomes a disease infecting the production. Doubt remains in the studio, it guides his drawings and writings, it keeps the character that is Arcas real.

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