I Consider You More as a Writer

Is what Jeroen said. I just wanted to punch his stupid face, Ouwhoer! More than usual. I do think it was a compliment and he did explain himself but I could only hear the devil in me telling me to punch him and the angel crying for another drink.

He told me that painting is secondary to what I do. The paintings are props which I use to articulate my vision. If, I’ve learnt anything from Jeroen, it’s that you shouldn’t hit him after every sentence. Wait till the end of the paragraph.

The current project involves me making a Chinese screen and ming style bed on which to sit it. The whole piece is the installation for the book about Chad. I am going to stop there, because it’s starting to look like he’s right.

Hélène Cixous talks about the book as a process, something that happens which in the end when it’s over’ creates the book. I see painting that way, in the end for Jeroen the process of painting creates a painting but for me it creates Chad.

Toulouse 2016

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