Russon Black

One day, they’ll make a colour: Russon Black, it’ll flow like ice cream straight out of the tube, it’ll dry matt with reflections in blue and red. So after our talk, the elusive David Russon has started making a big stretcher.

IG lestoilesdedavid

It was interesting to have David talk about his work, after taking a four year hiatus to study philosophy. Rather than use all that knowledge to open a door into the world which he is articulating, he used it to keep us at the threshold, still peering over his shoulder at what lies beyond. 

From images of airports, autobahns and those waiting rooms that play out the unconscious alienation in the back of the minds of the liberal professionals whom we pay handsomely for specialised knowledge, David’s work finds it’s inspiration. The style and brushwork is like the man layered, methodical and graceful. His work hangs in our middle class salons somewhere between irony and a cry for help.

His biggest revelation during our talk was that his desire to be a singer was trumped by his uneasy in being a personality. This might be what I so love in his work. The mirror effect. It’s not so much what it portrays but what the images allow us to see about ourselves.

You can see David Russon’s work @

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