Le Moment de Graz

Il y a un moment de Graz quand il n’y a plus doute et c’est là où tout prends forme.

So I start this post with a private joke in French, Now you know why I frustrate so many people. But if you keep reading it will make sense. 

This being the moment when the pretenders stop, as the work and the wine in the cultural sector dries up and those of us who are on this odyssey to the end cling to what we can. Are you working, producing, painting, planning? What are you doing? Grace; le moment de grace is when doubt disappears and the hand becomes one with the mind. A lot like athletes, we train and we put everything in place to make the most of that moment. 

Some one who has a built a complex system to manufacture these moments of grace is Christian Vialard. A painter, printer, performer, publisher and professor. The spontaneity of his painting is not something that can be harnessed in the everyday. In order to be ready he trains keeping his hand  active filling sketchbooks some of which you can see on his Instagram feed (@christianvialard), last year, he did a drawing a day for a month. These challenges can be both liberating, exhilarating and stressful when it becomes homework. In the case of Vialard’s work it opened up his universe, his way of seeing and his process. Like any language course you start to see patterns and understand how things come together without knowing how or why your able to understand French. 

Vialard’s Instagram a view through the studio window

Vialard has several processes screenprinting, music (check out Neukalm is a favourite), publishing and teaching which operate in a collaborative manner and in different concepts of time. Painting can be lonely, daunting and sometimes you feel like your just building you’re own padded room. I interviewed Vialard several months ago and we were talking about his musical performances, he doesn’t see himself as a musician but a performer. We were talking about his performance at Lieu Commun, that lasted 7 minutes. He said everyone was talking, I couldn’t hear what I was playing. I could either turn the sound up or stop, I don’t like to just drown people in sound so I stopped, it wasn’t the time or the place. That’s knowing the moment of grace. Everything is there, the colour is mixed, turpentine fills the air and two stokes in you know this isn’t the time.

Music for Vialard is a quite an intimate engagement in the process that requires time with your collaborators. He’s been collaborating with Éric Arlix for twenty years constantly questioning their process most recently in Cave Poésie in Toulouse. To write more is to loose the energy, put on Neukalm and skim through Vialard’s Instagram feed to feel that moment when things just come together.

Le moment de Graz

Well Voilà, soit tu le sens soit tu ne le sens pas

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