Chrysanthemum Tea

I don’t think it makes you Chinese but perhaps my infidelity to an original does. Guillaume keeps referring back to some skull in a book. He has photos of the book, scans of the page which he regularly prints in order to keep the image fresh. 

Memory was one of my best friends in school helping me get through that maze of things to be learnt, understood and just experienced. Nobody cares for Memory anymore, he’s a drag, caught in the past. Now everyone has access via the internet to the Nirvana’s lyrics, that episode of Friends or when the bus will arrive. We no longer talk to people about that friend we had in common: Memory.

I like to catch up with Memory from time to time, just go through the old stories and how stories have changed, becoming something else. It’s like painting which can be representative, the question isn’t how realistic it is but what makes it significantly different from the original.

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