It’s Over

We came to the end of our four week adventure, it was as intense as China and the work show it. I want to keep this blog alive and let the ideas which made this hot pot of a residency what it was, float to the surface.

We sat there eating a Daurade Royal (that’s bream fattened on oysters), we look at what was left when we cleared away the materials. What became obvious to me is the idea of what is finished. I think that idea has less to do with the painted object as it does with the context. That context is as basic as the exhibition deadline. Your time is up or maybe more appropriately the time is now.

Jeroen Elsen

Everytime a piece is shown it has to be recontextualised, its meaning has changed and you have to reappropriate it. I think this is why I like to sell work, I like other people reappropriating my work. This maybe where I diverge from academia and Jeroen, I don’t think I am the unique nor even main source of meaning in my work. I believe that I make things that others can give meaning to.

Chad Keveny

We don’t all dream the same dream on that bed.

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